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  • Easily create, edit, view and manage appointments.
  • Create multiple diaries for different consultants, rooms and/or clinic sites.
  • Store appointments for both clinic and theatre lists.
  • Add schedule planning to cater to specific clinic availability or planned holidays, etc.
  • Export all appointments to Google calendar.

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Client Reviews

DGL Practice Manager has been a ‘game changer’ for my private practice and I have used it for over 20 years in ‘real time’. I can easily look up patient’s details where I can see past correspondences and medical records, which are all of importance to me. I can generate prescriptions, appointment letters and patient information leaflets immediately during the consultation and just as quickly raise and print an invoice to either give to the patient or transmit electronically. All paper documents are scanned into Practice Manager – my practice has been ‘paper-free’ for many years. In the last few years I have used DI have used Dragon Professional Individual software with Practice Manager – this allows me to quickly and accurately dictate a letter directly into Practice Manager. I highly recommend Practice Manager!

Richard Motley, Consultant in Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, Cardiff

The system has enabled me to have everything I need visible and to my finger-tip at any one time. It has given more time to deal with / speak to / spend more time with very anxious patients. I liaise regularly with insurance companies, I like that I can see the history and can confidently see any account query straight away. I always recommend DGL Practice Manager to any new secretary, business, or consultant as I don’t know how I managed before without it. Also, not being very technological minded, I love the fact that the DGL Practice Manager support team are always so kind and patient and have always rectified any problems. I have had staff working for me in the office and the Pthe Practice Manager system is so clear and user friendly. I have never been let down by the company and would 100% highly recommend it, in fact I would not take on a Consultant if he doesn’t agree to coming on board with DGL Practice Manager!

Debbie Wakeling, Practice Manager and Medical Secretary to ENT and Cardiology, Worthing

I am a Consultant ENT Surgeon with a specialist interest in Rhinology and Pediatric ENT. I have been using DGL Practice Manager since September 2016 and have been fully paperless since October 2016. The system has transformed my professional life as I can be completely mobile and light weight (no notes!). Data is accessible via my laptop or any registered desktop in the places that I work. I discover new features, the more I use it; more importantly, I can access previous letters and documents, which is very handy if a patient has booked in short notice! DGL Practice Manager has had a very positive impact to my practice, as the practice has grown, but is also more flexible and easy easy to use. I have recommended it to many colleagues, as it is the way forward for the busy clinician!

Anastasia Rachmanidou, Consultant ENT Surgeon, London

We have been using DGL Practice Manager for 3 years and the service and level of attention we received and continue to receive is second to none. One of the features we love is how easy it is to use and it’s great to know there’s always someone at the end of the phone to offer support. Having a central location for all our patient records and associated paperwork has also made our jobs 100 times easier.

Clare Donoghue, Office Manager, Spire Tunbridge

I have worked with DGL Practice Manager for the last 17 years and was privileged to be one of the first user trial sites. I have run many private practices at different hospitals over the course of the 17 years and my job has been simplified enormously by the sophistication of the software. Needless to say the software has developed enormously over the last 17 years and now provides an unparalleled essential for running varied consultant practices.

Liz Edwards LLB, Consultant Private Practice Manager, Nuffield Hospital, Cambridge

We have been using DGL Practice Manager since 2009, previously working on spreadsheets and excel. At the time we looked at other systems on the market but none of them compared to DGL Practice Manager. We felt that they were all very generic whereas DGL Practice Manager suited our specific needs. Now, having a central location for all our patient records and associated paperwork makes our jobs 100 times easier.

Vicki Spence, Office Manager, Bradford Anaesthetic Services