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As some of you may know we have been working tirelessly on a massive development project that will future proof your DGL Practice Manager system.

DGL Practice Manager SQL Update

Upgrading to the most modern SQL technology will deliver lots of benefits to our users including improved system stability and faster development times.

This update has been a very large undertaking, one which has required a substantial investment of time and resources and as this project nears completion, we wanted to give you a short update on what this means for both DGL and you, the user.

What does this update mean for you?

There will be immediate improvements around performance, security, and system stability but many more will arrive as we continue to build and develop our system on this more modern technology. Our development processes will become much more agile meaning new features, functionality and integrations being introduced to DGL in the months ahead.

Work on our Patient Portal is progressing well and will be made available to customers very soon. We recognise the value that a patient portal will bring to not only our customers but also patients. As an integrated solution it will make your job easier, helping to reduce inbound calls to your practice, eliminate double entry, automate manual tasks and allow patients to book and pay online for their appointments.

We are also pleased to announce that in line with this SQL update, our DGL Go app will become fully integrated with DGL Practice Manager. DGL Go is our IOS and Android app which puts Video Consultation and Speech Recognition into the palm of your hand. You will now be able to see and consult with your patients online using your phone or tablet.

Looking to the future…

The rollout process will begin in the coming weeks and will run for several months as we migrate customers across to the new version of DGL. This project will open a whole new range of possibilities for DGL and will enable us to continue to be the digital foundation, and a trusted partner, to your practice for years to come.