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In case you missed it, we conducted our third lunch and learn webinar last Friday. In this session, we covered the entire banking menu within DGL ✅

You can catch up on the session below:


DGL Practice Manager allows you to manage every area of your practice or clinic from a single location. The system is used by thousands of consultants to run paperless practices across the UK and Ireland. Our comprehensive software handles everything from billing to appointment bookings while also enabling you to report on all activities and procedures carried out in your clinic.

DGL Practice Manager has evolved over 25 years into the software system of choice for consultants and medical secretaries. Every feature has been developed to solve a problem that has been encountered by one of our customers. Whether that is storage capacity, data back-ups, automatic updates, Microsoft Word and Outlook licences or just the peace of mind provided by a secure and robust software system, DGL Practice Manager is the best in class software for managing your practice or clinic.