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On Wednesday the 27th March, Matt Higgins and Alexandrya Mbu from the DGL Practice Manager team attended the British Medical Association UK Consultants Conference at the BMA House in London.

The primary purpose of the UK Consultants Conference is to provide policies for the Consultants Committee (CC) to take forward over the coming year. Areas covered throughout the day included: workforce, wellbeing, mental health, regulations, pensions and much more.

"It was lovely to receive updates from some of our customers and listen to their stories of how DGL Practice Manager has made their life a lot easier. The team also had the pleasure of meeting some new faces who were interested in the software solution and the related benefits."

A large handful of the consultants explained that they were using multiple Excel spreadsheets and Word documents and secretaries would a consultant every time they had a new appointment. This lead to a lot of double entry, duplication and sometimes, double bookings. As your patient list grows, it is essential that you keep on top of your business and have all information in one central location, and DGL Practice Manager allows you to do just this.

With DGL Practice Manager, you can easily manage all areas of a practice including administration, appointment bookings, clinical procedures, financial accounting, patient correspondence, reporting, and much more. The software allows you to make small changes that lead to increased time efficiency and better workflow management.

The team will also be attending the BMA Private Practice Conference on Friday 5th April, for information on the event please click here .