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Can your system handle multiple user profiles? Is it easy to access for a new or temporary secretary coming on board?

The last thing you want is your secretary set up on your system with no access to the data behind it. DGL practice manager allows for the seamless transfer of user profiles using a high-security key fob system. Easily pass your key fob on to a trusted colleague and allow them to access DGL Practice Manager to cover while you are away.

Use a web based software

One of the many benefits of web-based software is the obvious one, you can access it from anywhere. This gives you the option to either temporarily outsource your secretarial services (to a company such as Medical Management Services) or have colleagues cover from a different practice while you are away.

Use a software that can handle transcription and dictation

Using a practice management system that covers both a transcription and dictation is a Godsend. Not only does it save, time and money but combined with a web-based service a covering secretary can complete this from anywhere.

Ensure your data is backed up

This is key for not only security and patient safety but for your own and any temporary staffs piece of mind as well. Using a software with a secure data backup and restore procedure lifts a weight off any covering secretary’s shoulders. If mistakes are made all data is backed up on a secure server, meaning you can recall it at any time. DGL practice manager data restore and backup policy is underpinned by the latest Microsoft and cisco technologies meaning you never have to worry about lost data or mistakes again.

Make sure payments are made

The last thing you want is for your payments to creditors to be made late but you also want to ensure you continue to receive patient payments in a timely and efficient manner. Using a third party billing service ensures that this continues in your absence and that all your books are balanced accordingly. Medical Management Services fully integrates with DGL practice manager meaning they can offer a completely transparent yet efficient way to bill your clients all within your practice management software, which is one less thing for any covering secretary to worry about.

So turn off that email and enjoy your holiday, you never know where you could end up!