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We recently held our first Advanced Training Academy of the year for DGL Practice Manager customers.

The training session ran for the full day and was held in the DGL Practice Manager Head Office in Rooksley, Milton Keynes. The Academy has been designed to enable customers to gain further knowledge of the advanced features and functionality of DGL Practice Managers.

Topics covered at the training included:

  • Reporting and report building
  • Patient recalls
  • User set-up and security
  • Bank transfers and payments

"The Advanced Training Academy is suitable specifically for customers who have been using DGL Practice Manager for over twelve months and the training was provided by an experienced member of our Service Delivery team."

We also covered our new GDPR Sentinel module that provides customers with Egress encrypted emails, patient data exporting, patient audit trail reporting and the ‘right to be forgotten’. These features were developed in order to help our customers on their journey road to GDPR compliance.

Another new feature of DGL Practice Manager is an integration with Pharmacierge. We were delighted to welcome the Pharmacierge team and they explained how the new integration feature allows DGL Practice Manager users to provide free same day delivery of prescription medication to their patient’s door. This module is completely free for all DGL Practice Manager users and the service itself does not cost the clinic or practice any money. In addition, the patient will pay the same price for their medication as they would at traditional pharmacies. For more information please contact Pharmacierge by email or by phone on 0207 631 1269.

We have received great feedback so far from the day and we will continue to add new training elements to these days as additional features are added to DGL Practice Manager.

There are two more Training Academy Days this year, one Essential Training on Friday 14th September and one Advanced Training on Friday 23rd November.