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The DGL Practice Manager team are excited to announce the launch of our brand new website!

Over the years, DGL Practice Manager as a system evolved to cater to customers’ needs and wants with new integrations, additional time saving tricks and more features. Alongside this, the company has also developed with a bigger team, change in location, new culture and was acquired by Clanwilliam Health.

While all these changes were happening the message that we were sending to the market remained the same. However, over the last year we have slowly changed our positioning, strategy and marketing to reflect who we are as a company and the direction we are heading.

DGL Practice Manager is the UK’s leading private practice management software system and that is the message we want to convey.

We are happy to tell you that the first change we made was to update the slogan, which is now:

"Taking care of your private practice."

This reflects what DGL Practice Manager is as a SaaS (Software as a service) system as it allows consultants, practice managers and secretaries to manage all areas of a private practice or clinic from one central location. From appointments to billing and clinical procedures to reports – DGL Practice Manager has it all. The system allows you to save pockets of time on your daily tasks giving you less administration time and more time with patients.

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The biggest change of all was to completely update and change the DGL Practice Manager website. The old website was clunky and static. We wanted to give visitors a modern, fresh, easy-to-navigate website that provided a great user experience. The new website reflects what DGL Practice Manager is as a system and the benefits it provides to our customers.

The website has been giving a face-light and only uses core colours of white, grey and shades of blue. The navigation menu is easy to identity sitting at the top of the page providing links to key pages that visitors will find useful. We also created a footer to provide links to main pages and included contact details. The new website is mobile friendly and looks great on any screen size whether that is a monitor, laptop, tablet or mobile. We wanted to make sure visitors received a great viewing experience no matter what device they were using.

The Tour page is split into two sections of Features and Integrations. Each feature or integration has its own page providing users with content about that aspect of the system. All the main benefits of each feature is explained in some detail, therefore visitors can read (and watch) more information about the features that are of most interest to them. This eliminates you having to scroll through a lot of information to find what you are looking for.

As DGL Practice Manager grows and integrates with third-party businesses, we felt it was important to have a page dedicated to this. As a system, DGL Practice Manager, links with a large number of corporations to improve workflow and efficiency including EDI billing, pathology lab results and more. There are more integrations on the system roadmap therefore; it made sense to highlight these integrations.

A new page that was developed was the Events page. The DGL Practice Manager team have are attending more and more conferences and exhibitions throughout the year, as well as running their own customer training days. Having a page dedicated to events was a no-brainer as it allows customers to easily find out when and where the Training Academy days were being held. It also helps customers and prospects know what exhibitions and conferences we will be attending, as we love to discuss your needs and answer any queries.

Overall, we are thrilled with our new website and we hope you like it just as much as we do. The team have worked endlessly over the past few months to provide you with as much information as possible. We are excited to add to the website, provide you with useful content and continue to deliver a fantastic user experience.